What We Do

National Day of Prayer

National Day of Prayer 2013

Interfaith Alliance Central California joins with the state and national Interfaith Alliance in committing to the goals of:

  • Promoting the positive role of religion as a healing and constructive force in public life.
  • Working toward protecting First Amend-ment rights.
  • Joining our voices with those whose civil rights are under threat.
Diversity celebration

Here are some of the things we do in our area:

In response to proselytizing on campuses, we have worked with both the Fresno Unified School District and Clovis Unified School District to create, and see enacted, a policy to ensure the separation of Church and State on school campuses. We continue to monitor the situation in the schools in our area.

We sponsor two annual events that focus on celebrating the diversity of faith communities in our area:

  • Sponsor Interfaith National Day of Prayer celebrations. These began on public property at City Hall but have since been moved to a house of worship in order to adhere to and support our commitment to the separation of church and state.
  • Sponsor and organize a Interfaith Thanksgiving service on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. These services highlight the value of gratitude and thankfulness across faith perspectives.

Join us in promoting faith and freedom in Central California!